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We are a detail-oriented full-service agency with enterprise level Promogo technology.


W e ensure events are not just run, but run well with full transparency, in real time.


What we do...


Brand Activation

Consumer Engagement

Digital Reinforcement

Brand Activation

POS Merchandising

Events & Mobile Tours

Product Launches

Trade Shows

Event Management OPS

Guidance & Support

Promotional Unification

Consumer Engagement

Brand Ambassadors

Retail & On-Premise Promotions

Product Samplings/Tastings

Guerilla & Covert Marketing

Street Teams

Managed Bar Nights

Secret Shoppers

Digital Reinforcement

Mobile Applications

Social Media Platforms

Reporting & Analytics

Consumer Registration Widgets

Your Event



Verification - Training - Onboarding

New Client Brand Launch

in-person or Zoom trainings allow for you to meet your talent pool and select your favorites if you choose and providing hands-on experiences when available

Ongoing Training

Pinata app provides instructions, checklists, brand info-PDFs and training videos for each brand, this creates a national standard for your talent and event execution

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Pinata's app has real-time data collection - tracking and recapping capabilities. This increases talent’s reporting accuracy, execution and timeliness.

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Live Data Collection - Talent Recapping


Client Reporting - Promotion Analysis

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You will receive a monthly sampling recap along with your sales report.

This includes data, graphs, spend tracking, and photos from all events.

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