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Why choose us...


From event inception and ambassador recruitment, to invoicing and paying your talent, our continuous implementation of the latest, greatest event management technology empowers us to serve you better than any other experiential marketing agency.


Event Management

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native based event tracking application, at your fingertips

Recruitment & Onboarding

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, Ineed, and more

Quality Assurance

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brand ambassador rating system - we onboard only verified, qualified talent


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Hanging out.jpg

48-72 hour pre-event quality calls ensure sufficient inventory & confirm time+date of sampling event

48 hour brand ambassador check-ins with automated rebooking if ambassador is unable to execute event

4 hour brand ambassador check-in with automated rebooking if ambassador is unable to execute event

Selfie check-in on arrival at venue to show preparedness

Real-time, "live" recaps available for each event

Customizable and downloadable sampling reports and charts

24/7 access to client services via email, text, or phone

pre-event quality

48 hour check-in

4 hour check-in

Arrival selfie

Live Recaps


24/7 access


Safe & Protected

extensive liability insurance policy, one of the industry 's largest

$1 million CGU

$1 million AU

$1 million EU

$1 million PL

Licencing & Certifications

wine and spirits laws and licensing is overwhelming for many, SBI has all the necessary licenses & alcohol certifications by state

Best-in-Class Training for Ambassadors

all are contracted and trained on SBI liability policies and procedures, and must have current alcohol certifications


Your promotions will be successful and your brand will be safe

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