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We navigate the complexities of the beverage and alcohol industry


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We are proud to serve you throughout the U.S. with our diverse team

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At Slicker Beverage Insights diversity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are and what we represent


Our team has breadth and depth of experience in all channels, 50 states, with luxury, small, craft and specialty wine and spirit brands.


Extensive distributor management experience, including SGWS, RNDC, JBL, and Empire.


Experience working with organizations such as DIRECTV, Promogo, E&J Gallo, Kobrand, DeKuyper International, and Stoli USA.


Founder & Managing Partner

Robert Slicker

Thirty years in Beverage Alcohol Industry, both supplier and distributor tiers, overseeing $10M-$250 M in revenue. Developed and implemented sales and marketing strategies for luxury, small craft and specialty wine and spirits in all trade channels, in all 50 states, with extensive On/Off trade and national account experience.

Directly managed wholesaler networks in US-SGWS, RNDC, JBL, Empire- top down. Managed sales teams, up to 50, on both supplier and distributor sides.

Company experience includes Pepsi Co, E&J Gallo, Diageo, Kobrand, DeKuyper International, and Stoli USA.

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