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Brand Marketing

Develop and execute marketing strategies and plans

We develop and execute marketing strategies and plans for premium, luxury, small craft, and specialty wine and spirits.

Our team has tremendous depth and breadth of experience in the beverage alcohol industry, in both supplier and distributor tiers.

& Planning

We develop integrated brand, marketing and sales strategies and plans from scratch, or we can drive annual  planning based upon existing documents.

Incorporating industry data, insights and expertise we develop core asset to drive growth for your brand.

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M Execution & Management


Create fully integrated programs and campaigns - sales/trade programs, events, digital/social

Commercialize new products for launch

Create ON/OFF brand, marketing and trade marketing presentations

Develop standards and templates


Manage programs and campaigns - sales/trade programs, events, digital, social

Present new product launch plans to sales and distributors

Present ON/OFF brand, marketing and trade marketing plans

Direct creative - brand, marketing assets, managing digital/social sites

Train sales and distributors on standards and templates

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Execution &

Developing the tactics outlined in your strategy and plan, and then ensuring the sales and distributor teams are trained and able to use the tools, is crucial to your sales growth.

M Monitoing and Evaluaton
Image by Anastasiia Krutota

Monitoring & Evaluation

A monitoring and evaluation plan is a critical component of marketing and sales plan. We establish who will monitor and report progress (who?), the KPI metrics (what?), how often to measure them (when?), and how the results will guide you (why?).


Create monitoring and evaluation plan

Identify datasources

Assign roles for monitoring and reporting

Define KPIs for each person or team by function

Define frequency for measuring and reporting KPIs

Plan how results will guide improvements


Track KPIs

Develop insights

Create reports

Present reports to

Board of Directors

Company leadership

Executive teams

Sales, marketing and finance teams

Recommend next steps

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